The pitch known as the “story”. This is the written portion of your campaign page. This story should reiterate some of the inspirational tone of your video, but focus more on the “fine print” and details of your campaign – most notably what you will use the money for and what problem does it solve.

What you need the money for shouldn’t be vague or general. People want to know exactly what each dollar of the money they donate is going towards. Explain why you need the money and how it will help your mission. If you have already raised some money to put toward your cause, you should mention that as well.

The story should also include a time line for your project. This helps your campaign look more legitimate by showing that you’ve taken the time to plan the process in detail. A timeline also creates a sense of urgency that in itself will encourage people to donate.

There are two things you don’t want your pitch to be. Too long or too short. You should shoot for 300-500 words. Your pitch should be broken in to sections with headers and bullet points. And the paragraphs should be short. People don’t want to read a book here. They need digestible information that creates an emotional response. Your goal it so inspire them to donate.

We’ll go into details on how to craft your “pitch” in a latter lesson. But for now, just prepare to succinctly craft your message into chunks of easily readable information.

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