Perks are material rewards you give to your donors to thank them for their contribution and typically scale up in magnitude to reflect the amount given. Giving someone incentive to donate is proven to increase fundraising success. They make backers feel appreciated, involved in the campaign, and give them a tangible reminder that they supported a good cause. Try to pick incentives that are a blend of thoughtful, affordable, and lightweight (shipping costs for heavier items can be prohibitive).

But just so you know, tracking and delivering all these perk awards can be a total pain. It is pretty easy to come up with a list of perks for your donors (mugs, t-shirts, posters, event tickets, DVD’s, etc.), but remember someone is going to have to fulfill all these orders. So, here are some tips to make this process easier:

Get as many perks as possible from one place. Fulfilling perk orders is time consuming. Especially if you have to order t-shirts from company X, mugs from company Y and DVD’s from company Z. Find a company that has a variety of products so you can order everything from one place.

Find a company that includes delivery. Ideally you want to place your order and have it delivered right to the donors. This saves time and money.

Send perks after your campaign is over. Trying to deliver a perk award to each donor as they donate is a recipe for stress and burn out. It is just more efficient to process all the orders at one time. So, let your donors know that perks will be delivered at the conclusion of your fundraising campaign.

Find an automated service. Some crowdfunding platforms have partnered with companies that make and deliver perk awards. This is ideal because the crowdfunding platform handles the creation and delivery of your perk awards. Isn’t that nice? Fundly is one of the platforms that provides this service.


Here are some places to begin your search for the perfect perk awards:

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