News and Updates

Don’t underestimate the power of the latest news section (the blog). You should post here a couple times a week if possible, and focus on creating quality, newsworthy stories about your campaign. Many of these updates can be pre-drafted before the start of your campaign. At minimum, post one update a week.

Campaigns that post regular updates for their supporters can triple the amount of donations they recieve.*

This is a great place to announce milestones, promote perks and recognize donors. Plan to have at least one update for each week of your campaign. And most importantly, have a well composed image (or better yet a short video) to accompany each post. And remember, people are more likely to donate to campaigns that have momentum. So show your making progress with regular updates on your campaign page.

The Comments Section

Don’t overlook the simplistic beauty of this section. Supporters can post their support, kudo’s and experiences right on your campaign page. If your crowdfunding platform gives you the option to turn this feature on/off, be sure it is on!

Do your best to reply to every comment posted on your campaign page. If people are going to spend the time to comment, then they atleast deserve a thank you of some type.

Also, when a commenter gives you a great kudo’s get permission to use that on your facebook page or website. These types of testimonials can help you keep the momentum and increase your credibility.

* Statistics source: Fundly

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