Having a compelling video that tells a good story about your services can really have a positive effect on your fundraising success.

Here are some tips and sample video’s to guide you as you create your video.

Note: It is beyond the scope of this course to give indepth detail on video editing. But with some basic software, video content and a good story line, you can make a decent video for your fundraiser.

Quick Tips

Gather Content

Interviews. You should record the main person in your story and any other people who have something relevant to contribute. Much of what you record won’t be used “visually”, but instead as “voice-over” for story telling purposes. (Be sure to use a tripod, if available, when shooting interviews. At the very least, prop your camera on some books or a table to help keep it steady.)

Gather B-roll. When some talks about walking their dog and your video transitions to a shot of a dog chasing a ball… that is b-roll. Other examples of b-roll: close up of hands doing work, person walking into room, people shaking hands, etc. Photo’s can also be used as b-roll.

Soundtrack. Find some nice royalty free music to have as your background music. Music will set the tone and emotion of your video. You may need several different tracks to mirrow any emotional shift in your story. Youtube offers free royalty free music at: youtube.com/audiolibrary/music.

Setting up Shots

Be sure you have an uncluttered background. Pay attention to powerlines, computer monitors, sign post directly behind your subject, etc. If you are interviewing someone, do your best to have a plain background behind them.

If you are shooting with a phone be sure to hold the phone in landscape mode (horizontally). NEVER shoot video with your phone in a vertical position.

Be sure you have good sound recording. Do your best to eliminate any background noise (traffic, construction, sirens, radio/tv, air conditioning, etc). Viewers will forgive poor video quality, but are unforgiving when it comes to audio quality.

Sample Videos

Here are some examples of good nonprofit videos. Use these to help inspire your video project. Pay special attention to how they use different video clips and voice over to stitch together their story. You can learn a lot just by watching how they make their transitions, when the soundtrack changes or fades, what shots they used for b-roll and how they outlined their story.

Robin Hood Relief Fund

This is a simple story done with voice over, b-roll and a soundtrack.


Simple use of scripted content and interviews. Get’s to the point and presents very professionally.

Legacy Campaign

Scripted text with b-roll and a soundtrack.

Charity Water: Desta

Smple interview with voice over and b-roll.

Sled Dogs with a Purpose

Music, b-roll and text. No voice over. Only one minute long.


Podcast: How to Win Donors with Video

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