What do I do with my mailing list?

Having a mailing list is one thing. But knowing how to use it is another. There is no right and wrong… you can use your list to announce events, sell things, update people, share photo’s… the list is endless. But when it comes to crowdfunding, you should have a more specific purpose.

Over half the the money you raise is going to come directly from people who opened your email.*

In the next lesson I will give you a detailed plan for your mailing list. Here are some of the emails you should be preparing to right.

  • Your kickoff. This is your pitch email with links to your campaign
  • Milestone emails
  • Donor profiles and or big donor/business sponsor announcements
  • Campaign updates (how the fundraising is going)
  • Kudos/testimonials (some of these may come during the campaign)

Tips for Using your Email List

A mailing list is a very powerful tool. But that fact is you’ll be lucky if you can get 25% of the people on your list to even open your email. And of that 25% only about 3% will actually click a link within that email. (Believe it or not, these numbers are actually high. The nonprofit industry has higher open rates. The average business sees open rates below 10%).

So, here are some ways to increase your open and click rates.

  • Personalize the email with the name of the person recieveing it. This will increase opens by 10-15%.
  • Include social sharing buttons in your email. This can increases clicks by 150%.
  • Write an attention grabbing subject line.
  • Be mobile friendly. Over 50%  of emails are read on a phone.
  • Write different content for different poeple. Previous donors should get a different email than your volunteers. This will help personalize your message and increase opens.
  • Have a distinct call to action button.
  • Send eamils often to increase open rates. The open rates of emails that get sent weekly are higher than those that get sent monthly.

Sending regular emails to your list during a crowdfunding campaign is actually pretty easy. You just need to know what to send and when to send it. So get your list ready. In the next lessons we are going to be putting it to good use.

* Statistic Source: Fundly


Free Mailing List Application: MailChimp

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