You are now entering the final phase of what may feel like a long campaign. But if you have your content prepared, this final push will help energize your donors (as well as you).

Get ready for another surge of activity. Remember the reverse bell curve? Well, this is that key third phase. It’s going to get busy. Here are some of the things you should do to wrap up your fundraiser with success.

Give a video update. This video should be short and sweet. Start by thanking those who donated. Then, let people know how much you have raised, how much you need to go and how much time is left. Remind them of what needs will be met with a successful campaign. And then give a direct call-to-action for them donate. Post this video everywhere – social media, your website and your campaign page.

Write an email blast. Create a short series of emails and send them to everyone on your list. A three part series sent every two-three days is ideal. In these emails share your successes, thank your donors, add a testimonial, let people know how close you are to your goal, remind them why you need the money and give a direct call-to-action for them to donate. (Don’t put all of this in one email… just pick a couple meaningful topics. But, at this point, DO always include a call-to-action.)

Incentivise previous donors. Everyone who has already donated to your campaign is invested in your success. Send these donors an email (or call them) and offer them a special perk award for an additional donation.

For instance, let all those who already donated know you have a special gift (box of chocolates, hat with logo, etc) for anyone who adds $50 to their donation. This can be an extremely effective method of raising money, especially if you are close to reaching your goal.

Have a social media countdown. Create posts that have big numbers on them, 6, 5, 4, 3, etc. that corresponds with the number of days left in your campaign. In each post let them know how close you are to your goal and encourage them to donate.

Post a final story. Remind people of why you need to raise money by sharing success stories of those you helped serve. You likely have created a few of these “mini-stories” for your campaign. So, save some of the best ones for this final phase and post them on Facebook and/or send them in emails.

Make some more phone calls. If you haven’t worn out your phone list yet, then actively reach out to your supporters and remind them your campaign is coming to a close.

Send a press release. If you are nearing your goal and have a success story to share, then the media will be more likely to publish your story. Even a short mention in the news can help you reach your fundraising goal. So, let the press know your campaign is closing and you are reaching your goal.

And on the last day… You should have an email ready to send on the last day of your campaign. You should also have a socail media post ready to publish that specifically marks this last opportunity to donate. Both your email and social media post should let people know how close you are to your goal.

Quick Tip

During my first crowdfunding campaign I actually composed a message and sent it via Facebook Messenger to nearly 90% of my contacts. This was a direct ask from me to them. (Not my organization to a potential donor.) I sent it to old high school acquaintances I barely remembered, past co-workers, friends of my parents and distant relatives. This actually garnered some new donors. Many of which became regular supporters.

But, here is the thing – at least how it worked for me – when I tried the same tactic the following year, I barely got anyone to donate. So, I think it is a one shot deal. But it was worth it.

That is the end of lesson four.

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