After months of careful planning, preparation, and maintenance, your crowdfunding campaign has come to a close. And if you have followed the advice outlined in this course, the final leg of your campaign is likely to be a celebratory event.

Before you pop the champagne and set off streamers, there are a few final tasks to take care of in order to ensure that you leave a positive impression in the minds of your backers. Fortunately, this is one facet of running your campaign that’s likely to feel more like play than work. Use the steps outlined below and share your victory celebration with your donors and the world.

  1. Send out perk awards. Each backer who earned a perk award through the generous nature of their donation should receive their item within 90 days of the campaign’s closing date.
  2. Express your gratitude by posting wrap-up announcements. Your wrap-up statements should include a blog post (with visuals), announcements on social media, and a short video that thanks backers while also demonstrating how their donations have helped your organization fulfill its mission. Be sure to clearly say “Thank you” to your donors in each post before summarizing the success of your campaign. It’s also a good idea to brief everyone on your future plans to pique your audience’s interest and keep them engaged with your endeavors.
  3. Send out an email announcement to your email list. This email should summarize the campaign’s highlights and successes while once again thanking everyone who contributed. Make sure to include links to your top donors and a link to your wrap-up video.
  4. If you really want to impress your supporters, then pick up the phone and call each one and thank them personally for their support. Volunteers can help with this process. Again, creating a script is a good idea as you are likely to reach many voice message services.
  5. And lastly, be sure to thank, in some special way (in persons, have a party, make a phone call or send a card) everyone who helped run the campaign for your organization.

These final steps will mark the end of your crowdfunding campaign. This wrap up should not be skipped as it helps create a positive relationship with you and your supporters. Your supporters will not soon forget all the personal attention you gave them and when it comes time for another round of fundraising they will be more likely to support your cause.

After the Campaign is Over – Build those Relationships

You leave your crowdfunding campaign with something better than just money in the bank. As you have worked through the steps involved in the campaign process, you have drawn attention to your organization and the services you provide. And you have poured hours of time into research, marketing, and developing a relationship with your supporters.

As such, it’s essential to keep using your mailing list and various social media channels. Keeping your fan base engaged (by posting program updates, service updates, upcoming events, etc.) can help ensure that your future projects and ideas have a reliable source of funding. It is much, much easier to keep an existing donor than it is to generate a new one. So the value of having an existing donor base cannot be understated.

Creating a crowdfunding campaign is more than a short-term goal. When done right, crowdfunding is the beginning of a relationship that evolves in tandem with your mission and services. With the culmination of your crowdfunding campaign, you will have created a strong foundation on which to build the future successes of your organization.

So keep your new supporters updated and involved. Send them a Valentine, a Christmas card or a birthday card. Share your successess with them in your newsletter and on Facebook. Nurture this relationship like it is family. If you continue to demonstrate your appreciation and professionalism to your supporters then you are likely to have even more success during your next crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you so much for taking this course. I hope that it has helped you achieve your goals.

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